About us


Located at the heart of Haarlem, a stone's throw away from its famous “Grote Markt”, is one of Haarlem's finest wine bars, NIP. NIP can be recognised by its signature wooden front entrance. Once you enter you are greeted by its elegant yet cosy design.

NIP focuses mainly on sparkling wines, but it's also a good place to go for a nice beer or a delicious cocktail. Along with our wide selection of drinks we also offer tasty bites that pair very well with our drinks.

Our wine list is carefully selected with quality products and ingredients. We always aim to make sustainable, conscious choices and we make it our mission to raise your experience to the next level.


Being able to consciously enjoy the little things of life is one of the fundamental properties of happy people. This is why at NIP we aim to offer our customers an experience that feels longer than it actually is. We enjoy seeing our guests blend into their evening, losing every sense of time. We believe that truly enjoying your time means not rushing things, but by peacefully relaxing and sipping your drink (sipping in dutch means “nippen” which is where NIP's name originates from)

A famous poet Gerrit Jan Komrij once said: “Geluk is een seconde die eeuwigheid wil zijn” which loosely translates to “Happiness is a second that longs to be an eternity”